Carpets are an expensive investment but through proper cleaning and maintenance we can add years to their lifespan and therefore save you money.

Carpets should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, although no one can say for sure how often they should be done. Every home and business is different and the determining factors are generally traffic flow, children, pets, external influences (weather) and how your property is used.

The number one reason people get their carpets cleaned is because they look dirty, there is however more to professional carpet cleaning than just removing the dirt.

Regular professional carpet cleaning also increases the life expectancy of your carpet, provides a more hygienic environment at home and at work, it improves the appearance of your home and business and therefore gives a good impression to your visitors, it eliminates germs, bacteria and mites, and finally it will improve employee morale knowing they are working in a clean and healthy environment.

The latest technology in thermal rotary carpet cleaning systems, the Craftex Thermadry offers the ultimate combination of ‘deep clean’ and ‘quick dry’.

With drying times as little as 15 minutes and cleaning results often superior to professional injection-extraction cleaning, Thermadry is already a winner with the cleaning industry. Designed to be used with Craftex Catalyst, Thermadry offers a neutral pH clean (safe to use on wool) with added disinfectant, natural orange deodoriser and built-in stain protection.

In one quick and easy application, the Thermadry system cleans, disinfects, deodorises and protects the carpet.

Why Thermadry?

  • Carpets dry within 15 minutes.
  • Heat dries, temperature adjustable from 0 – 120 degrees C.
  • Rooms are no longer out of action.
  • Almost Silent operation means minimal disruption to the client.
  • No over wetting of carpets.
  • Carpets stay cleaner for longer.
  • Unrivalled results.
  • Produces no waste product.
  • The weight of the machine can be adjusted to suit specific carpet types.
  • Wet Extraction

We also provide Wet-Extraction Carpet Cleaning with our wide range of Prochem Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Equipment & Chemicals. This top of the range equipment allows us to tackle the toughest of carpet cleaning jobs, enabling us to provide a five star service and stay ahead of the competition.

Stain Removal

A stain is defined as being any kind of discolouration that can be clearly distinguished from the surface or material (in this case Carpets & Upholstery) which it is found upon. These stains can come from a number of different sources, such as;

At HB Cleaning North Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to remove almost every conceivable stain. It is important to remember however that although most stains can be removed, some can only be improved and unfortunately some are permanent.

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